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here is the specific operation cost of this several countries requirements.


but where exactly? In order to find the most suitable location, FootwearNews and Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico, Vietnam and other regions of the footwear association dialogue, hope to understand these areas the government issued what specific measures to attract foreign capital injection.

of course, for many people, China is still the most ideal shoe place, last year, China produced 12000000000 pairs of shoes, has more than 20000 footwear factories, in addition, China Resources and transportation system is very comprehensive.

production range: leisure shoes and dress shoes,

factory number: 11>

but times have changed, increasing labor cost, many shoe factories in China also quit the footwear industry, seek more profitable industry, also have most of the shoe factory began to turn to the Chinese inland and Northern area.

The number of factories:



production: Men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes

average hourly earnings: 70 cents - $1.2

Indonesia has a long history of the shoe, the workers are stunning in shoemaking. The government and the business sector has introduced many measures to improve the infrastructure, countries including transportation, highway, power etc..

average hourly earnings: 15 cents - $1.5

the good news is that many other countries is very important due to the approaching American shoe market, Mexico, recently launched a quality assurance system, will become the United States footwear of choice, Indonesia is making every effort to attract foreign investment.

Brazil have provide for oneself in the production chain, raw materials are also very rich, do not need to complete since to import. In addition, Brazil has the world's largest herd, can provide a lot of fur. Brazil is also very advanced shoe-making technology, the government has also introduced many measures to support the development of the footwear industry.

Ethiopia can provide global best shoe-making raw materials, labor cost is China's 1/8. The government to establish broad industrial district, in each region of the highway, improve the power supply system.

average hourly earnings: $3.18




The number of factories:

factory: the number of the specific number is not clear, 12 new plant has just set up


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