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fashion brand Mr.Durian skidproof soles shoes

converse 2012 autumn and winter series of new shoes suit release

young fashion brand Mr.Durian fresh summer leisure shoes release, pure handmade fabric soft and delicate, soft to the touch, elastic, breathable, foot sweat. Let the exogenous concept further upgrade, wear natural rubber soles with anti-skid patterns design, strengthen the slip effect on the wear on the basis, let you walk more light and comfortable.

since the summer has come, is the time to prepare the cool autumn clothes. Recently the United States famous canvas Converse converse for the 2012 winter series add Skigrip "Funimal" suits, sports shoes furry show filled with warm touch. New product has two kinds of color, divided into yellow brown spotted leopard and black and white spotted cow striae.

converse 2012 autumn and winter series of new shoes suit release

leopard section of the internal and the laces are used with the color of brown, with a thick rubber bottom, full of passionate personality, give a person a kind of wild. While the black dot YISHION black colors have loved black and white spots, reminiscent of lovely calf, lovely modelling for fun, no wonder the series name for "Funimal", which is interesting (FUN) and animal (ANIMAL) hybrid.

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